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Diamante Negro - Frans Silva.

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I am a man with many words...

But i speak trough my music!


Frans is an energetic, creative mind with Cape Verdean roots who can express his qualities as the best when it comes to music. He is a well-respected musician in The Netherlands and Cabo Verde. He has always occupied himself with Cape Verdean music, until he came in contact with the Jazz world.

He has already launched a project called “Variação D’Temp” which means “variation in time” translated into English. Through a fusion between Cape Verdean folklore and Jazz, he brings a new and refreshing sound to both worlds.

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Djato manço

Frans Silva

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Tchuva D'sol

Frans Silva

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Diamanante negro

Frans Silva

Upcoming events

02/06/ 2023
Frans Silva & Chando Graciosa - Grounds Rotterdam
17/06/ 2023
Frans Silva & Morabeza Band -Kruisplein Rotterdam
30/06/ 2023
Frans Silva & Peter Venk - Den Haag
01/07/ 2023
North Sea Round Town -Markthal Rotterdam
16/07/ 2023
Frans Silva & Carlos Matos - Luxembourg
30/07/ 2023
Frans Silva - Stadspodium Rotterdam
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